THANK YOU for Pre-Tipping! As you know a great part of my income and living is from Bars and Restaurants and the tips I get. Yes, all my open to public shows are cancelled indefinitely. Also Yes, I'm working on some online shows right now to supplement. It's a scary time for all of us that work in the service industry. I'm ASKING for FUTURE TIPs just until I can get back and playing LIVE for you. Some of you have Venmo-ed me and I'M GRATEFUL. It's no hard feelings if you can't and just want to wait until this thing blows over to tip me directly at shows. I'm just happy that you can come out and support when it's safe to do so.Thank you again for supporting me and my music through this hard time ~Will



VENMO : @Willj1smusic

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Tip through FaceBook Messenger:

1. Open a Message to WillJonesMusic or @willj1s

2. Click 'plus (+)'

3. Click ($) then add amount.


Every dollar helps!